Japan Wildlife Conservation Society(JWCS)

What is JWCS

      In the history of mankind, conservation is a new departure in the relationship between man and wildlife. JWCS aims to conserve wildlife by establishing a new culture of co-existence.

      To this end, we endeavor to establish theory that will form a pragmatic basis for the authentic conservation of wildlife, discuss questions and practical principles with other environmental groups at home and abroad, and occasionally offer advice on policy.

      The Japan Wildlife Conservation Society/JWCS carries out educational programs in Japan on topics related to CITES, CBD and CMS. We also conduct research and make proposals on CBD Aichi Target 3, “Subsidies which affect biodiversity.”

      JWCS started work in 1990 around a core group of researchers. Since 1994 we have been the only Japanese domestic NGO participating in CITES on the matter of wildlife conservation. We have also participated in CBD since 2010.

      In our educational programs we disseminate information on the current wildlife situation and on CITES, CBD and CMS, in Japanese. On our website and from booths at seminars and environmental events, we explain how the consumption habits and economic activities of Japanese people are affecting wildlife around the globe. Also on our website, we frequently post in English on the situation in Japan.


Honorary President Hideo Obara (Kagawa Nutrition University Professor Emeritus)
President Motokazu Ando (Yamazaki Gakuen University Professor)
Vice President Kiyoshi Ogawa (Tokyo Gakugei University Professor Emeritus)
Vice Presidents Jun Morikawa (Rakuno Gakuen University Professor Emeritus)
Secretary-general Kirie Suzuki
Director Fumiaki Nagaishi (Ecologypath CO., LTD)
Director Misako Namiki (Teikyo University of Science Professor )
Director Koyuu Furusawa (Kokugakuin University Professor)


The honorary president OBARA talks about Biodiversity (2010)

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