Japan has an old saying: “Revere officials, despise the masses.” As a result, there is a tendency for people to respect authority and to distrust those with differing opinions. Nowadays, Japan’s environmental NGOs have difficulty collecting donations and membership fees, and are consequently limited in their activities by lack of finance.We hope you will help support our operations with a donation.

Payment by credit card

Payments can be made with a credit card using PayPal.
After going to the Donate page, choose the amount from the dropdown menu (A:$ 30 USD~E:$500 USD) and click Donate. You will then move to the PayPal website.



Once the transfer has been confirmed, JWCS will send the receipt required for tax deduction to your registered address. This will take 2~3 weeks. For donors outside Japan the receipt will be sent as an email attachment.

Under Japanese tax law there are deductions on income, corporation and inheritance taxes for donations.

PayPal website