JWCS carries out studies and makes recommendations on how to co-exist with wildlife.

Directly and indirectly, consumption in Japan is driving the accelerating extinction of animal and plant species around the world. Remedying this situation requires a revolution in both legislation and in lifestyle choices. JWCS participates in conferences worldwide to collect information on global trends in conservation and to disseminate the results of research, while co-operating with domestic and international NGOs to supply informed opinions. In order to determine what can be done to conserve wildlife we make studies in numerous fields and relate the problem to current affairs.


JWCS makes recommendations and offers opinions on policies from the viewpoint of conservation.

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Habitats and local communities

Stability of the local communities around them is an important factor in keeping wildlife habitats.JWCS’s habitat support activities aim to accumulate small achievements to give hope to local people, and to diffuse its information so that the situation of the habitat is understood in distant Japan.

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JWCS investigates current conditions in Japan, makes recommendations on government policy, and disseminates information to support wildlife conservation worldwide

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International conferences

The international situation regarding conservation is changing every moment, but the Japanese media give it little coverage, so it is difficult for the public to obtain information in Japanese on current problems. JWCS attends international conferences in order to collect information for domestic release in Japanese, while disseminating information worldwide on the situation in Japan.

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We endeavor to educate consumers about the need to reduce consumer demand for wildlife, and how lifestyle changes can protect vulnerable habitats.

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