1990 JWCS was established.
Holding ‘the policy study group for wildlife conservation’ on a regular basis.
1993 Holding our first symposium about biodiversity.
1994 Participation for CITES CoP9 (USA).
Bulletin 1 publication.
1995 Membership system start.
1997 ‘Tiger Conservation Fund’ Project started.
2000 ‘Elephant Conservation Fund’ Project started.
2001 Getting the NPO status of Japan.
Holding ‘the education study group for wildlife conservation’ on a regular basis.(~2008)
2002 Holding seminar ‘the wildlife college’.
2006 Publish of ‘Introduction of wildlife conservation education'(Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha).

Publish of ‘The encyclopedia of wildlife conservation'(Ryokuhu Shuppansha).

Holding workshop and symposium about illegal trade of wildlife pet, invited  Dr. Anna Nekaris, researcher of slow loris.


Independence of ‘Tiger Conservation Fund’ and ‘Elephant Conservation Fund’.
Republish the report ‘Exotic Pets and Japan’.

2010 Participation for CBD COP10 (JAPAN).
2011 Start to support local Gorilla conservation activity, WCS Congo and Porepore Fund through Enegori-kun Click-to-donate project.(~ March 2017)

Start new project ‘Aichi Biodiversity Target 3 Project’.
Participation for CBD COP11 (India).


Participation for CITES CoP16(Thailand)


Participation for CBD COP12(Korea).


Aichi Biodiversity Target 3 Project end,utilized research results for policy recommendations.


Start new project ‘Biodiversity and SDGs 12 project ‘.
Participation for IUCN WCC6 (USA) and CITES CoP17 (SA).


Lobby activity to LCES revision.
Participation for CITES AC29 and SC69 (Switzerland).


Participation for CITES AC30 and SC70 (Switzerland).